Escape Your Antivirus Headaches


Palo Alto Networks wants to help you escape the ineffectiveness of your antivirus solutions by protecting your users and securing your endpoints.

Join us on January 19th for a unique event at Eskape Rooms in Irvine.  

Over lunch you will learn why traditional AV is no longer effective at stopping today’s cyberattacks and why you need to replace it with real malware and exploit prevention. We’ll show you the hidden costs of managing an antivirus solution, the five security requirements for any AV replacement, and how the multi-method prevention approach of Palo Alto Networks’ Traps solution prevents breaches.

Then you’ll have a chance to compete against the clock and your peers to escape from a locked room in less than an hour. You'll work together with your team to solve puzzles and clues that eventually will lead to your escape from the room. 

Sign up now – space is limited!