Eat & Learn: Threat Intelligence at Work - Christchurch

Eat & Learn: You're Invited 

Automate. Scale. Prevent.

How do you defend against sophisticated attackers who operate at machine scale? Automation. You are invited to join us at our latest Eat and Learn to find out how the Palo Alto Networks® Threat Intelligence Cloud helps you cut through the log clutter, get straight to the most important threats, and prevent them automatically. In short, fighting automation with automation. 

You’ll discover how to: 
  • Rethink threat detection with the most advanced malware analysis engine, including industry-first bare metal execution. 
  • Aggregate and correlate threat intelligence from any source to gain valuable insight. 
  • Take a platform approach to prevent successful cyberattacks, and streamline security workflows and better leverage existing staff. 
  • Protect data in your SaaS applications with Aperture providing visibility and granular enforcement. 

Share your learnings and get answers to your questions.

* Drinks and canapés will be served.