Secure Clouds are Happy Clouds

The adoption of public cloud for business critical applications is continuing at a rapid pace.

How will you ensure that your existing security policy is extended to the public cloud?

This event will help you with that!

Our security experts will cover the following:
  • How to achieve a comprehensive and holistic cloud security program
  • Common security obstacles faced when moving to the cloud.
  • Where the cloud provider's security responsibility ends and where yours begins.
  • Using automation to quickly secure your cloud infrastructure


10:30am - Arrival and Sign-In
10:45am - Industry Overview

  • Why customers are moving to the cloud?
  • Obstacles of getting to the cloud?
  • Security concerns in data center apply in cloud
  • Ask audience what is important to them for cloud security
11:30am - Customer Q&A
11:45am - Wrap-Up, Move to Golf Bays
12:00pm - Buffet Lunch and Golfing!