Get Hands-on with the VM-Series on Microsoft Azure


Get Hands-on with the VM-Series on Microsoft Azure

Next-generation security on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud that allows you to develop and deploy new applications rapidly; expand into geographic regions seamlessly and extend competitive advantages.

However, cyber criminals are well aware of the rapid expansion into the public cloud and are looking for weaknesses in your security posture. Don’t let them find one.

Join us for the VM-Series on Microsoft Azure Ultimate Test Drive to see how you can securely extend your corporate data center into Azure using our next-generation firewall and advanced threat prevention features.

This hands-on seminar where we will:

  •         Discuss common VM-Series on Azure customer use cases
  •        Implement security policies to enable applications in your Azure Resource Group
  •       Protect your Azure deployment by proactively blocking a brute-force attack