Advanced Endpoint Security

Hackers are creating advanced malware that can evade even the best point-in-time detection tools, such as Anti-Virus & Host-based intrusion prevention software. New software vulnerabilities are reported every day. Half of all exploitations happen between 10 and 100 days after the vulnerability is published and the median around 30 days. Eighty-nine percent of breaches have a financial or espionage motive.

Join us at Gordon Biersch for a 3-hour hands-on lab series where we will expose the tools of the trade that hackers use and comprehensive techniques to thwart their efforts.

  • Learn how hackers utilize exploit kits and malware for financial gain
  • Hands-on Metasploit training including launching real exploits to gain access to remote machines
  • Exploits deconstructed and explained
  • Ransomware prevention tools, tips and tricks
  • Launch zero-day Locky ransomware in a virtualized environment to better understand the work-flow and how to stop it from affecting your organization