Defeat Advanced Cyber Threats


Defeat advanced cyber threats with next-generation security.

Targeted attacks — including advanced persistent threats (APTs) — and today’s sophisticated malware threats are one of the biggest challenges facing customers as the threats multiply and create unique compromises within their networks. This creates challenges for traditional security technologies to reliably identify these new class of threats. Even when a threat is detected, there is still the issue of slow response times and extended periods of exposure, as administrators typically need to manually coordinate and configure the necessary changes to their security infrastructure.

Please join Palo Alto NetworksSplunk & Optiv as we work together to deliver an advanced visibility, reporting and monitoring solution for intelligent security analysis that addresses this challenge and delivers new tools to quickly identify and analyze this new class of threats. We will show you how this integration insures better threat response time, and how to automate the steps needed to block malicious sources and quarantine compromised devices.

Key Benefits:

  • Advanced security and visibility in the cloud, on premise, or hybrid model
  • Accelerated threat response and enhanced threat detection
  • Security visualization, monitoring and analysis
  • Demo to show you how to identify ransomware and correlate IOC data through the app and use adaptive response to take actions