Advanced Endpoint Ultimate Test Drive


The endpoint is one of the most common targets of advanced cyberattacks. Traditional endpoint protections, such as AV, cannot effectively stop the initial breach and subsequent spread of infection rendering your organization at serious risk to advanced threats.

In our Advanced Endpoint Protection Ultimate Test Drive, you will see how Traps, our endpoint security solution, preemptively blocks attacks that leverage both known and unknown malware and exploits before they can compromise your systems.

Come join the revolution and learn how to defeat the adversary at the endpoint in this hands-on workshop.

Prevent ransomware attacks on the endpoint throughout the attack lifecycle
Use the multi-method prevention settings to prevent exploit and malware attacks
Defend against the execution of malicious files that could compromise your endpoints and, ultimately, your network
Leverage the power of the Next-Generation Security Platform to prevent unknown malware
Understand the chain-like nature of exploits
Experience the power of advanced execution control and cloud intelligence
Use behavior based protections to shut down a ransomware attack before it is able to encrypt your data