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Zero trust – revolutionising network and security architecture


Join VMware and Palo Alto Networks on 27th February 2018 for a half day workshop (8:45am-12:30pm) at the Hospital Club in London to learn more about NSX and Security.


The latest in a series of workshops that have proven very successful, you’ll hear first-hand how a Zero Trust approach to security can add a layer of agility to modern networks impossible to achieve in existing traditional network designs.

Technical innovations – virtual network infrastructure, next generation firewalls and network orchestration – are enabling organisations to adopt the principles of Zero Trust, trust no-one, and ensure security is network agnostic and more data centric.  We’ll share with you tools designed to demonstrate how to achieve much greater visibility with these next generation infrastructures and allow you to prevent breaches. Join us to learn more and how it can ensure you aren’t caught out by legislation such as GDPR or NIS.

This workshop will focus on:

  • NSX 101 Technical Overview:

This will be an interactive, white-boarding session to introduce the capabilities of NSX. We will cover all the NSX features and benefits including logical switching, routing, firewalling and load balancing. We will explain how these translate to the three most compelling use cases: Automation, Security & Application Continuity. We will show real examples of how other customers have reaped the rewards and cost savings following the deployment of NSX. With Security being the primary use case, you’ll learn about the concept of Micro-segmentation (Zero-trust security) within the Data Centre, how we work with our ecosystem partners and integrate with Advanced Security Services, such as IPS or IDS to achieve better security, simplify operations and speed up service delivery.

  • Palo Alto networks technical overview:

Many of today’s networks started life in the 1980’s before worms, cyber crime or data breaches existed. As business moved into the 21st century with these new threats and an increasingly mobile workforce that exists beyond the datacentre boundary, so who and what you trusted has become an issue. How do you protect all your apps, on all the devices in multiple locations in a static network – you simply can’t. Learn how next generation firewalls, integrate into NSX to deliver a secure zero trust based answer.

  • vSLR – virtual security lifecycle review

This new tool is a combination of VMware’s vrealize network insight tool (vRNI) and the security lifecycle review(SLR)  from Palo Alto networks.  For the first time get not only a design for modern secure datacentre that is flexible and micro segmented, from vRNI, but also get a detailed view on your current cybersecurity posture(SLR).  Where are the risks in the network and datacentre,  where are the threats coming from, down to an application and user level.

    • vRealize Network Insight (vRNI) will help with planning micro-segmentation and give you better control and visibility over your physical and virtual estate.
    • SLR will show what apps are in use, potential risks, comparisms with industry peers and actionable intelligence on changes you can make immediately to reduce your risk exposure. 

Delivery: White-boarding, Demonstrations, Presentation.

Lunch will be provided.