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At Palo Alto Networks, we use a preventive model to protect servers and workstations against malware and exploits  known and unknown. Traps: Advanced Endpoint Protection is an innovative solution that complements legacy Anti-virus to provide more visibility and control on the endpoint.

To date there is no equivalent to solution as disruptive as Traps on the market.

5 reasons why you should look into Palo Alto Networks Advanced Endpoint Protection: Traps

1.       No More Zero Days-other solutions cannot provide you with a similar level of exploit prevention

2.       No More Ransomware

3.       No More Emergency Patching

4.       No More Microsoft extended support bills, we also protect End of Life and unpatchable systems

5.       Optimized VDI 


I would like to invite you to join an online demonstration of our end point protection:

This will give you the opportunity to better understand our advanced endpoint solution called Traps, see how it works live and learn how you can 

permanently get rid of exploits and malware on your servers and workstations.