ICS Cybersecurity Hands-On Workshop

Great news: you’re invited to our hands-on workshop for industrial control systems security.

During this free, interactive event, you’ll learn practical skills to protect your ICS environments with Palo Alto Networks® Next-Generation Security Platform.

How? By participating in a variety of lab exercises in a fully virtualised ICS environment, learning about the latest ICS security best practices from your peers and Palo Alto Networks experts.

Here are some of the activities in store for you at the workshop:

  1. ICS/SCADA security basics and Palo Alto Networks platform overview 
  2. Virtualised ICS infrastructure setup (HMI, PLC, Firewall, Kali) 
  3. ICS protocol visibility with App-ID™ technology 
  4. ICS protocol access control using policy and segmentation 
  5. Integrated threat prevention (IPS/IDS) 
  6. Role-based access control with User-ID™ technology

Here’s what past participants have to say about the ICS hands-on workshop:
“The hands-on workshop provided me with a real-world scenario and [showed me] how Palo Alto Networks firewalls can provide the visibility and control to stop attacks on the ICS network.” – Security coordinator lead for energy IT operations at a large gas and electric utility company

“Great hands-on experience! The lab helps cement the theory of protecting ICS environments, turning it into an active defense strategy.” – Sr. security analyst at a major natural gas utility company

“The lab was an excellent proof of concept.” – Security administrator at a multinational oil and gas company