Ultimate Test Drive - NGFW

Get behind the wheel of our Security Operating Platform with our Ultimate Test Drives, and experience the power of Palo Alto Networks! Learn how to safely enable business-critical applications with App-ID traffic classification and provide extensive network protection by integrating powerful NGFW capabilities with those of URL Filtering and WildFire malware analysis.

Proliferating zero-day exploits and an ever-changing threat landscape means that traditional security systems fall short of protecting the organisation. In order to ensure that you are not another victim of cybercrime, you must prepare for the malicious environment that exists beyond the network perimeter. The Palo Alto Networks® Security Operating Platform provides unparalleled protection with our prevention-focused model – keeping your organisation secure.

Our Ultimate Test Drive program is designed to provide you with a guided hands-on experience of our highly automated and natively integrated security platform. Each Ultimate Test Drive will introduce you to the innovative ways in which we can improve your security posture and protect your organisation from advanced threats.

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop requires attendees to provide their own laptops.