The Next Generation of Advanced Endpoint Solutions….Traps


Please join Palo Alto Networks and CDW for the Advanced Endpoint Protection event of the year!  And you are welcome to bring a +1. 

Your Time = Appetizers + Drinks + a $225 gift card for you or your +1 to spend at Nordstrom’s.  Food and Drinks will also be provided for everyone at Habitant.


Despite increased investment in endpoint security, cyber adversaries continue to compromise endpoints at a rate which outpaces organizational investments. Legacy and next-generation AV point products have made attempts to close this gap, but have merely replaced one ineffective malware detection method with another, still without significantly advancing their ability to identify and prevent exploits and unknown malware.


What if you could have your Advanced Endpoint Solution integrate into your network and security infrastructure and automate prevention and remediation outcomes?!  Well, you can!  In their latest Advanced Endpoint Protection testing, the Palo Alto Networks, Advanced Endpoint Solution, Traps, received NSS’s highest recommendation rating.