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Stockholm, Sweden
Tuesday 03/26/2019

Executive Lunch Roundtable at the Cloud Security Summit

A More Secure Everything

Every aspect of every business today has an IT security component – every hiring process, marketing program, product design, business relationship, customer interaction and executive decision. All business activities, in some way, are connected to a computer – and, therefore, to cyber risk. Yet all too often, we as business leaders, think of cyber risk mostly as a means to prevent a breach or to achieve compliance.

Cyber risk could enable entrance into new markets, innovative products to be released quickly to market, and intuitive tools for your workforce to work anywhere to collaborate and make decisions. If we alter the way we look at cyber risk, change the way we talk about it and tie it directly to the business, cyber risk could enable and differentiate the business.

Please join Varun Badhwar, SVP Products & Engineering, Public Cloud Security and founder of Redlock, Palo Alto Networks and Fred Streefland, Chief Security Officer NEEUR, Palo Alto Networks to discuss questions such as:

Can cyber risk enable a business to grow and innovate?

  • How do business leaders change the discussion about cyber risk?
  • Can you connect cyber risk to business goals and measure performance?
  • What do you need to do to empower your organization to change?
If we change the way we look at cyber risk, we could improve the future success of our businesses today.

Your host

Jan Horsager

Varun Badhwar

SVP Products & Engineering, Public Cloud Security and founder of Redlock
Palo Alto Networks

Jan Horsager

Fred Streefland

Chief Security Officer NEEUR
Palo Alto Networks