Secure your Cloud Journey

Innovation. Disruption. Development. Business is happening in the cloud. That doesn’t mean the cloud is without security risks, but you can take advantage of all the cloud has to offer, securely.

Whether you’re adopting the cloud to deploy SaaS for business-critical applications, DevOps for new app development, analytics, business intelligence and other apps for business agility and time-to-market advantages. All these introduce new risks as fragmented security, the dynamic nature of cloud resources, manual operations and human error can result in breaches and noncompliance and slow down deployments.

Managing risk at cloud scale is extremely complex. New attack vectors emerge to compromise accounts. New forms of attacks emerge including cryptojacking. Governance, risk management and compliance must be automated to enable continuous innovation with security at the speed of business.

Come join our Executive Luncheon on “Top Tips for Secure Cloud Computing” and learn from cloud and security experts and IT executives on how to accelerate your deployment to the cloud with leading edge security solutions and best practices.

12:00 pm Registration
12:30 pm Lunch
12:55 pm Introduction
Cloud Security: Enabling Agility and Ensuring Compliance Presented by GTI

Top Tips for Secure Cloud Computing
Jointly presented by Microsoft and Palo Alto Networks
  • Cloud Security: A Shared Responsibility
  • Strengthen your security posture with trusted cloud platform
  • Implement effective cloud threat defense
  • Bake security into DevOps
Panel Discussion
Key Requirements for Securing the Cloud
2:00 pm Q&A and Lucky Draw