Partner Sales Training, 24 May 2019, Wellington

We are continuing to see a rapidly evolving and changing IT Security Market - with the C-Level requiring more in depth conversations around security and it's implications to their company. As the leader in this segment, Palo Alto Networks is uniquely positioned to be able to identify the most relevant security conversations to have with your clients as they are going through this journey.

As one of our Strategic Partners, you have been selected as a Sales Champion for your organisation and are invited to a one day sales training session 'Engaging with Insight - Bringing Security Transformation to the C-Level'.

This one day event will help you:

  • Understand the security needs of the 'C-Level' in an organisation
  • Create a conversation which will not only be relevant but also drive actionable next steps
  • Understand how Palo Alto Networks can help accelerate these conversations